Episode 6: Creating ONE of a Kind Art, Jay Davis Bags.

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s went to Nederland, CO and went to Dead & Co. – also she got to trampoline!!
  • Ash went to Santa Cruz and spent time with her honey. A bit colder than she had thought, BUT THE OCEAN YASS!! A wonderful FUN getaway <3

Interview with Jess Davis owner of Jay Davis Bags www.jaydavisbags.com instagram: @jaydavisbags

STAR CHART Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Ascendent

  • Jess is inspired by everyone + wants to inspire the world with her artwork.
  • Having grown up in an artistic household she was influenced by both textile + metal work!
  • From a very young age her artwork has been evolving.

Shout Outs

  • Michael Dowling (visual artist)
  • Elyse Rainbolt (designer & artist)

Astrology Beat 

  • Full Moon Aquarius + Lunar Eclipse July 27 will be feeling it for the next two weeks! To learn more about this other than the podcast, Ash wrote a blog post about it. Click here to read ->  http://cosmicalchemy.co/5-tips-embrace-leo-aquarius-lunar-eclipse/
  • Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Fashion Beat

  • Transition your skirts for fall!


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Midnight Rambler Boutique – www.midnightramblerboutique.com

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Song of The Week: Spice Girl by Anime

Episode 5: Travels and Textiles with Arae

A few things we cover on episode 5…

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s trip home to South Florida, Georgia and South Carolina for two weddings and to see family
  • Ash’s post wedding reception and taking her Iowa family to Red Rocks

Interview with Rachael Levine of Arae

  • STAR CHART: Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon, Cancer Ascendent
  • Recapping her travels and learning about weaving from
  • Her beginning as an artist and finding mentors along the way
  • What’s next for Arae

Astro Beats


Fashion Tip

Shout Outs

Song of the Week

Episode 4: Bungalow Design with Amanda Grossgabaour


A few things we cover on episode four…

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s time with Nabeela + her empowering haircut! And her Yin yoga session at Kula Yoga Center in Lakewood, CO!
  • Ash went to Joyful Journeys Hot Springs for Adam Sommers Astrology retreat! holestoheavens.com + @joyfuljourneyhotsprings

Boho Décor Inspo

  • Ashley’s hubby’s “Wooky Elephant Statue” & her favorirte Suzani Blanket from @cozynomadmalibu
  • Ash’s Pops homemade Macramé magic + the useful for everything all the time – Two Hands Full Mug from @twohandsfull_

Interview with Amanda Grossgabaur owner of Hunt + Gather Rentals AND Bungalo Market www.huntandgathereventrentals.com AND www.bungalowmarket.com

STAR CHART Aries Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon.

  • Between interior styling and helping brides to design their individual visions for their boho weddings, Amanda loves ALL parts of her lifestyle surrounding Bohemian décor!
  • Pushing yourself to be whatever it is you want to be!
  • Customizing, ceramics, Styling workshops and MORE!
  • And what’s next for Amanda + her Boho entrepreneurship adventures!

Shout Outs

  • Alli K Design @allikdesign
  • Justina Blankeney @justinablakeney
  • 6th and Detroit Michelle Qazi @6thanddetroit

Find more about Amanda’s businesses at www.huntandgathereventrentals.com @huntandgather_rentals AND www.bungalowmarket.com @bungalow.design

Astrology Beat 

  • Full Moon Sag May 29 meaning it is time to get clear on the bigger pieces and puzzles of life… Full moon means the sun is opposite the moon in the sky so sun is in Gemini AND Mercury entered Gemini
  • Uranus in Taurus higher mind electric energy planet highlighting finances beauty + expect the unexpected
  • Uranus is Squaring the Nodes in Leo + Aquarius…. Let life lead you onto new roads, watch things shift + change

Fashion Beat

  • Find your favorite Jean Shorts!
  • Find your favorite Swimsuit!
  • Traveling tips – a black jumpsuit can be your best friend, dress it down with a hat and boots or dress it up with heels – and change the personality of it with some funky, colorful jewelry!

Rambler on the Run –

  • May’s Winner – @nicoleara
  • If you want to be featured, remember to tag us at #RamblersOnTheRun

#RamblersOnTheRun winner is @nicoleara

Song of The Week: Tadow by Masego, FKJ

Episode 3: Body Adornment & Finding An Escape with Henna Luna

A few things we cover on episode three…

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s trip down to Taos to collaborate with a group of women on photo shoots at Hotel Luna Mystica. See shots from the trip here. 
  • Ash being a tourist in her own city, seeing a play downtown and shopping along South Broadway

Star Charts

Interview with Henna Luna www.hennaluna.com

  • From the Denver Waldorf school to putting hair feathers in Steven Tyler’s hair to discovering henna
  • Henna as a way to provide body adornment as a temporary escape 
  • love or celebrate yourself with henna
  • And what’s next for Henna Luna

Astrology Beat 

  • This past weekend’s full moon in Scorpio and watching things come into fruition
  • Chiron is now in Aries – here for us to heal on a big level and bring us back to ourselves
  • Jupiter trine Neptune allow us to cultivate deeper artistic/creative/spiritual practices.

Fashion Inspo 

– Garments that do double duty for you and can be worn as kimonos or a dress. See some here.

#RamblersOnTheRun winner is @AllieBlevins

Song of The Week: Untamed Heart by Wild Belle

What is Earth Inspired Astrology?

Great Question! Here is the down-low + the high vibes!vintage-zodiac-constellation-of-northen-stars_fk0Vm9___L

Astrology is a study of the cosmos from the perspective of earth, used as a map to guide us through our earth bound human experiences.  Astrology is a vast sea of interpersonal knowledge + exploration. The study has transformed with humanity – yet it has always been a study of cosmic patterns in relationship with human behavior patterns. Just to give you a clear understanding of how old this practice is,  the Babylonians developed their form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago! Today there are multiple ways of extracting + integrating the cosmic patterning into our daily lives, and there is so much information to be extracted. Techniques range from studied historical practices, multiple cultural interpretations, new developments + discoveries of patterning found within our relationship to the cosmos, and my personal favorite a deep respect for ‘gnosis’- a knowledge + reverence for spiritual mysteries. Astrology has stood the test of time and when used with respect + from a well-informed space it can be one of the most  transformational tools illuminating personalized direction for healing + self-awareness.

I believe that at its core, astrology has withstood the test of time because it has honored and recognized the depth of the evolutionary process of consciousness and diverse cultural perspectives. The study of astrology is the study of our most intimate personal and collective psyches; it is a space holder for archetypes that will prevail for as long as humanity exists.

Astrology can be used as a powerful and fun way to assist us in understanding earths patterning, others and ourselves from a more holistic perspective. As a society, we use many different tools and languages to understand the world around us. Physiological pathways such as Freud’s inkblots, play therapy, brain spotting, or psychoactive drug therapy treatments all give us a variable array of insights to our inner workings. Similarly, astrology gives us a lens into our human character; allowing us a language for communicating our celestial and earthly observations.

Just as the moon affects the tides in the ocean, it too has an impact on our environment and affects us. I strive for balance while practicing astrology; I do not take astrology on as dogma but as a blend of philosophical and archetypal methodologies. I strive to use astrology as an anthropologist uses ethnography; as a way to communicate a world removed from the old patterns + stories we all have created. My ambition is to channel my knowledge and insights to assist you in understanding yourself and your loved ones on a deeper soulful space of acceptance in order to generate high vibe soul growth.

Astrology illuminates the theory- as above, so below and allows one to learn of the world without deep attachment to an outcome. Using ones birth chart + the current transits to understand life patterns, you are able to be an observer of your life, just as you are an observer of weather patterns in the world. I encourage everyone to see astrology as a tool to understand patterns of the internal world; and as a guiding force allowing you to have tangible understandings of what vibrational awareness is available to you. Once the awareness has become illuminated I am then able to share with you practical skills unique to you + your chart that you can use in your daily life to cultivate healthy + high vibrational patterning.


Ash Whyte – Intuitive Earth Inspired Astrologer

At this time I offers birth chart + current time readings for yourself, family, or groups. I need the location of your birth, time, and date you were born including the year. I amavailable to give you a reading in-person, over the phone, or through Skype and you can schedule online at www.cosmicalchemy.co


Episode 2: Living a Bohemian Life Externally and Internally

A bohemian lifestyle is about living how you feel with radical self love both internally an externally.

One reason we knew we made a good team for this podcast is because Ashley really focuses on external self love (styling your life with a look better, feel better mentality) while Ash has the internal (using cosmic tools, intuition and the energy flow around you) on lock. So we hope bringing you expertise on both halfs is helpful. Episode two dives into both sides, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

A few things we cover on episode two…

Styling Your Life: Dress Better, Feel Better

Growing up, I remember

  • The majority of women, or 96%, “believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel,” according to
  • the news release. – GoodTherapy.org
  • • “The strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with
  • happiness, even when feeling low,” according to the news release. – GoodTherapy.org
  • • Professor Pine said: “This finding shows that clothing doesn’t just influence others, it reflects and influences
  • the wearer’s mood too. Many of the women in this study felt they could alter their mood by changing what
  • they wore. This demonstrates the psychological power of clothing and how the right choices could influence
  • a person’s happiness.“ – Science Daily
  • • A report published in Qualitative Research In Psychology in 2008 found even just thinking of certain items
  • from their wardrobe gave individuals a boost in confidence. – Body and Soul
  • • fMRI neuro-imagery shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (personal
  • feelings and experiences) rather than information (brand attributes, features, and facts). – Psychology Today

Our Bohemian Manifeto

  • Live and Love Hard, everyday
  • Embrace the cosmos
  • Express Yourself. Find your style, then dress how you feel, decorate how you feel, write how you feel, paint how your feel and live how you feel
  • All aspects of your life are an expression of your artistic self – from the clothes you put on your body to the decor in your home, to your daily rituals to your job – don’t mold to the norm, instead blaze your own path
  • Support local makers and shakers – we all have to participate in and encourage one anothers bohemian lives to keep them going
  • Overall, know this – as Laren Stover said in her book Bohemian Manifesto “Giving up security takes guts” and to be a bohemian you must “wrestle with self doubt, take risks, revolutionize, dismantle and shock, endure criticism and rejection”

Our First Episode! Woot!

Hey there-

We hope you enjoy our very first rambling podcast! Thank you in advance for your support. We’re Ash and Ashley (yes, children of the 80s), and we want to say welcome to Cosmic Ramblers: A Bohemian Lifestyle Podcast!

This is a place where we will create a guide to living your best, inspired bohemian life.

You can expect astrology insights from Ash (aka @cosmicalchemy.co), introductions to other Bohemian minds (a.k.a. movers + shakers, artists, yoga teachers, passionate hobbyists, gardeners, musicians and more), boho style Inspo from Ashley (@midnightramblerboutique), inspiring stories and more.

We are so looking forward to bringing you all the freshness in perspective on the bohemian lifestyle! Make sure you check out our Bohemian Manifesto blogpost to get inspired on living you very best bohemian life!

Warmth –

Ash + Ashley