Our Bohemian Manifeto

  • Live and Love Hard, everyday
  • Embrace the cosmos
  • Express Yourself. Find your style, then dress how you feel, decorate how you feel, write how you feel, paint how your feel and live how you feel
  • All aspects of your life are an expression of your artistic self – from the clothes you put on your body to the decor in your home, to your daily rituals to your job – don’t mold to the norm, instead blaze your own path
  • Support local makers and shakers – we all have to participate in and encourage one anothers bohemian lives to keep them going
  • Overall, know this – as Laren Stover said in her book Bohemian Manifesto “Giving up security takes guts” and to be a bohemian you must “wrestle with self doubt, take risks, revolutionize, dismantle and shock, endure criticism and rejection”

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