Our First Episode! Woot!

Hey there-

We hope you enjoy our very first rambling podcast! Thank you in advance for your support. We’re Ash and Ashley (yes, children of the 80s), and we want to say welcome to Cosmic Ramblers: A Bohemian Lifestyle Podcast!

This is a place where we will create a guide to living your best, inspired bohemian life.

You can expect astrology insights from Ash (aka @cosmicalchemy.co), introductions to other Bohemian minds (a.k.a. movers + shakers, artists, yoga teachers, passionate hobbyists, gardeners, musicians and more), boho style Inspo from Ashley (@midnightramblerboutique), inspiring stories and more.

We are so looking forward to bringing you all the freshness in perspective on the bohemian lifestyle! Make sure you check out our Bohemian Manifesto blogpost to get inspired on living you very best bohemian life!

Warmth –

Ash + Ashley

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