What is Earth Inspired Astrology?

Great Question! Here is the down-low + the high vibes!vintage-zodiac-constellation-of-northen-stars_fk0Vm9___L

Astrology is a study of the cosmos from the perspective of earth, used as a map to guide us through our earth bound human experiences.  Astrology is a vast sea of interpersonal knowledge + exploration. The study has transformed with humanity – yet it has always been a study of cosmic patterns in relationship with human behavior patterns. Just to give you a clear understanding of how old this practice is,  the Babylonians developed their form of horoscopes around 2,400 years ago! Today there are multiple ways of extracting + integrating the cosmic patterning into our daily lives, and there is so much information to be extracted. Techniques range from studied historical practices, multiple cultural interpretations, new developments + discoveries of patterning found within our relationship to the cosmos, and my personal favorite a deep respect for ‘gnosis’- a knowledge + reverence for spiritual mysteries. Astrology has stood the test of time and when used with respect + from a well-informed space it can be one of the most  transformational tools illuminating personalized direction for healing + self-awareness.

I believe that at its core, astrology has withstood the test of time because it has honored and recognized the depth of the evolutionary process of consciousness and diverse cultural perspectives. The study of astrology is the study of our most intimate personal and collective psyches; it is a space holder for archetypes that will prevail for as long as humanity exists.

Astrology can be used as a powerful and fun way to assist us in understanding earths patterning, others and ourselves from a more holistic perspective. As a society, we use many different tools and languages to understand the world around us. Physiological pathways such as Freud’s inkblots, play therapy, brain spotting, or psychoactive drug therapy treatments all give us a variable array of insights to our inner workings. Similarly, astrology gives us a lens into our human character; allowing us a language for communicating our celestial and earthly observations.

Just as the moon affects the tides in the ocean, it too has an impact on our environment and affects us. I strive for balance while practicing astrology; I do not take astrology on as dogma but as a blend of philosophical and archetypal methodologies. I strive to use astrology as an anthropologist uses ethnography; as a way to communicate a world removed from the old patterns + stories we all have created. My ambition is to channel my knowledge and insights to assist you in understanding yourself and your loved ones on a deeper soulful space of acceptance in order to generate high vibe soul growth.

Astrology illuminates the theory- as above, so below and allows one to learn of the world without deep attachment to an outcome. Using ones birth chart + the current transits to understand life patterns, you are able to be an observer of your life, just as you are an observer of weather patterns in the world. I encourage everyone to see astrology as a tool to understand patterns of the internal world; and as a guiding force allowing you to have tangible understandings of what vibrational awareness is available to you. Once the awareness has become illuminated I am then able to share with you practical skills unique to you + your chart that you can use in your daily life to cultivate healthy + high vibrational patterning.


Ash Whyte – Intuitive Earth Inspired Astrologer

At this time I offers birth chart + current time readings for yourself, family, or groups. I need the location of your birth, time, and date you were born including the year. I amavailable to give you a reading in-person, over the phone, or through Skype and you can schedule online at www.cosmicalchemy.co


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