Episode 3: Body Adornment & Finding An Escape with Henna Luna

A few things we cover on episode three…

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s trip down to Taos to collaborate with a group of women on photo shoots at Hotel Luna Mystica. See shots from the trip here. 
  • Ash being a tourist in her own city, seeing a play downtown and shopping along South Broadway

Star Charts

Interview with Henna Luna www.hennaluna.com

  • From the Denver Waldorf school to putting hair feathers in Steven Tyler’s hair to discovering henna
  • Henna as a way to provide body adornment as a temporary escape 
  • love or celebrate yourself with henna
  • And what’s next for Henna Luna

Astrology Beat 

  • This past weekend’s full moon in Scorpio and watching things come into fruition
  • Chiron is now in Aries – here for us to heal on a big level and bring us back to ourselves
  • Jupiter trine Neptune allow us to cultivate deeper artistic/creative/spiritual practices.

Fashion Inspo 

– Garments that do double duty for you and can be worn as kimonos or a dress. See some here.

#RamblersOnTheRun winner is @AllieBlevins

Song of The Week: Untamed Heart by Wild Belle

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