Episode 4: Bungalow Design with Amanda Grossgabaour


A few things we cover on episode four…

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s time with Nabeela + her empowering haircut! And her Yin yoga session at Kula Yoga Center in Lakewood, CO!
  • Ash went to Joyful Journeys Hot Springs for Adam Sommers Astrology retreat! holestoheavens.com + @joyfuljourneyhotsprings

Boho Décor Inspo

  • Ashley’s hubby’s “Wooky Elephant Statue” & her favorirte Suzani Blanket from @cozynomadmalibu
  • Ash’s Pops homemade Macramé magic + the useful for everything all the time – Two Hands Full Mug from @twohandsfull_

Interview with Amanda Grossgabaur owner of Hunt + Gather Rentals AND Bungalo Market www.huntandgathereventrentals.com AND www.bungalowmarket.com

STAR CHART Aries Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon.

  • Between interior styling and helping brides to design their individual visions for their boho weddings, Amanda loves ALL parts of her lifestyle surrounding Bohemian décor!
  • Pushing yourself to be whatever it is you want to be!
  • Customizing, ceramics, Styling workshops and MORE!
  • And what’s next for Amanda + her Boho entrepreneurship adventures!

Shout Outs

  • Alli K Design @allikdesign
  • Justina Blankeney @justinablakeney
  • 6th and Detroit Michelle Qazi @6thanddetroit

Find more about Amanda’s businesses at www.huntandgathereventrentals.com @huntandgather_rentals AND www.bungalowmarket.com @bungalow.design

Astrology Beat 

  • Full Moon Sag May 29 meaning it is time to get clear on the bigger pieces and puzzles of life… Full moon means the sun is opposite the moon in the sky so sun is in Gemini AND Mercury entered Gemini
  • Uranus in Taurus higher mind electric energy planet highlighting finances beauty + expect the unexpected
  • Uranus is Squaring the Nodes in Leo + Aquarius…. Let life lead you onto new roads, watch things shift + change

Fashion Beat

  • Find your favorite Jean Shorts!
  • Find your favorite Swimsuit!
  • Traveling tips – a black jumpsuit can be your best friend, dress it down with a hat and boots or dress it up with heels – and change the personality of it with some funky, colorful jewelry!

Rambler on the Run –

  • May’s Winner – @nicoleara
  • If you want to be featured, remember to tag us at #RamblersOnTheRun

#RamblersOnTheRun winner is @nicoleara

Song of The Week: Tadow by Masego, FKJ

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