Episode 6: Creating ONE of a Kind Art, Jay Davis Bags.

What inspired us this week

  • Ashley’s went to Nederland, CO and went to Dead & Co. – also she got to trampoline!!
  • Ash went to Santa Cruz and spent time with her honey. A bit colder than she had thought, BUT THE OCEAN YASS!! A wonderful FUN getaway <3

Interview with Jess Davis owner of Jay Davis Bags www.jaydavisbags.com instagram: @jaydavisbags

STAR CHART Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Ascendent

  • Jess is inspired by everyone + wants to inspire the world with her artwork.
  • Having grown up in an artistic household she was influenced by both textile + metal work!
  • From a very young age her artwork has been evolving.

Shout Outs

  • Michael Dowling (visual artist)
  • Elyse Rainbolt (designer & artist)

Astrology Beat 

  • Full Moon Aquarius + Lunar Eclipse July 27 will be feeling it for the next two weeks! To learn more about this other than the podcast, Ash wrote a blog post about it. Click here to read ->  http://cosmicalchemy.co/5-tips-embrace-leo-aquarius-lunar-eclipse/
  • Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Fashion Beat

  • Transition your skirts for fall!


We will be back in the Spring! Keep up with us on our business pages.

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#RamblersOnTheRun winner is @nicoleara

Song of The Week: Spice Girl by Anime

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